Sharing fiber art skills is integral to the Fiber Arts Collective mission.

Through outreach programs we introduce and foster art expression and appreciation to our community. Our outreach programs teach skills and appreciation for a wide variety of fiber arts to young people in the community. Additionally, these programs teach skills that can earn income and promote inter-generational sharing of fiber art skills.

Part of our mission with SWFAC is sharing our fiber art skills, especially with youth to encourage the next generation of fiber artists.

We recently made woven cards at the Silver City Public Library. Many thanks to Annette Rubino-Buckley, Colette Kelly, Pat Bouchard, Lisa Rush, Margaret Hadderman, Marcia Tinker, Deb Whittemore and Charmeine Wait for helping with this outreach project.  

The next outreach activity is tentatively planned for Friday, October 27, 2023, from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Bayard Public Library. In this after school activity, Annette Rubino-Buckley will teach youth how to make their own personalized bandana! 

If you are interested in leading an activity or assisting, please contact us at information@fiberartscollective.org.